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I use to feel myself the most unlucky girl in whole world as my parents expired in car accident at the age of 12. I also became handicapped in the same accident. My uncle took care of me. I completed my studies with lots of hurdles. Then another struggle started with no job. I met Anima Mam .She analysed my chart and told me remedies. I followed it and right now I am government employee.So happy,no word to thank mam.

- Anjali Nautiyal` -

Me and my wife were jobless from last few years. My bank account became almost empty,I sold my ancestors property in varanasi for surviving. Went to many pandit, maulwi and astrologer.Did everything what they suggested...but no result. At last we came under the guidance of Anima di and the result is I am currently in Canada with my family and both r in very good job from one and half year.

- Sarthak Sarkar ` -

Anima ji is my go-to guides for astrology. Her knowledge is incredible and her intuition is always spot on! I check with her monthly for her guidance and support. I’m psyched to have her in my speed dial.”

- Sujata kapoor` -

I dont know whether I should write here or not but I think like me many are suffering.At the age of 11,I was sexually assaulted by my 36 year old aunt.After 4 years she went abroad with her family but my life became hell.I was out of social gathering,irritating,confidenceless and full of negativity.Though I completed B.tech but still was'nt to continue any job.After 8 years at the age of 23 I consulted Anima mam.She described me the negativity of venus and mars in my horoscope.I strongly did the same mantras as mam told me and I felt like rebirth.Today I am in a good position in MNC and father of a 3 years old daughter with a happy married life at the age of 30.No words to thank mam for this beautiful life.

- Indrajeet Sabharwal` -

My first marriage was unsuccessful.My wife and her family blamed domestic violence on me which is totally false.Though I was innocent but my lawyer was unable to prove it and I was unable to pay the large amount of money which my wife demanded.I consulted Anima mam,she read my horoscope .. immediately suggested gems and pooja and told me to have patience for just four months.Miracle happened...my wife called me for settlement out of court.We smoothly separated and I am very happy in my second marriage.All credit goes to Anima mam. A 'True guideline'....

- Suresh garg ` -

I and my husband were getting depressed for a baby as our second IVF was also unsuccess .My mother-in-law is very supportive but due to this issue I noticed some changing in her behaviour .Only god can help me..this was my only believe.one of my office colleague told me about Anima mam.I immediately met her.She studied my horoscope,described the problem of my planets.She suggested me gems and pooja and the result is that today I am a proud mother of six months twins.No words to thank Anima mam.

- Ayushi Madan` -

Her insight helped me make key decisions for my fast growing company. She’ll give you priceless information about yourself and your business that is both grounded and inspiring. Her intuition is off the charts and she’s become one of my ‘secret business weapons’. I cannot recommend her enough!

- Suman Rana` -

“Wow, you were right on the money! The Univ. of Illinois offered me a job and I start on Jan. 17 !!!! This coincides with everything you mentioned. Thank you again for such an insightful and accurate reading. I will certainly keep in touch.”

- Nazil Shekh` -

Thank you Anima ji . You have an amazing gift. I'm so glad I contacted you - I am now more certain of what I need to do."

- Varun parmar` -

I have again really benefited by what you shared with me last time... I am deeply appreciative. It was all true what you say as always! I want many to benefit from your ability and wisdom. It does a lot of good to the soul!"

- B.K. Sharma` -

Thanks so much for the reading today. You have been absolutely dead on in your analysis. I must give you kudos for a wonderful interpretation and amazingly accurate reading. I look forward to working with you in the future."

- Neha Chawla` -

Thank you very much for your help. Your detail and accuracy from the reading was unbelievable."

- Sagar tripathi` -

I would really like very much to consult with you again. I should add that EVERYTHING you said was spot on. Needless to say, I trust you."

- Naresh Goswami` -

“I met Anima Ji at an event and was immediately drawn to her magnetic energy. I had a birthday reading with Anima Ji and I still get chills when I remember that meeting with her because of the presence of love in her voice, in addition to her wise assessment of my life’s trajectory. She is not only gifted, but loves what she does. Anima Ji gave me a thorough understanding of my circumstances and I’m happy to report that everything she spoke has came true.”

- Divya ` -

“Anima Ji are my go-to guides for astrology. Her knowledge is incredible and her intuition is always spot on! I check in with her monthly for her guidance and support. I’m psyched to have her in my speed dial.”

- Gaurav Kumar` -

“I have had a somewhat difficult year and have participated in many healing modalities that have all been very helpful, but my reading with Anima Ji has by far been the most restorative. Her understanding of the stars, plus her keen intuition is like 20 years of therapy. In just one reading, my perspective was blown open and so much was explained. I left with a deep sense of peace and potential.”

- Summit Khanna` -

I am in real estate field. I always wanted to be blessed with a baby, I spended lots of money on many astrologers. After 5 years GOD blessed me with a baby, that all happend with the consulation and suggestions of Anima Ji.

- ahil Kalyani – Rohini` -

Me & My husband was facing health problems from some time and on sudden notice he got the news of his transfer at office. We are very tensed and then we consulted Anima ji, she gave us right gems and mantras to reduce our negativity. Now we are very good settled in one place.

- Seema Kapoor – Amritsar` -

We are farmers from Punjab, suddenly my father had a brain stroke. I have to go back to my village without completing my studies. I was totally in depression due to my incomplete studies and financial problems. I got to know about “Anima Mam”. I met her , she gave some remedies. Soon, I came to know that my land is coming under a big Project. I got huge amount for this land, my life changed , Now my father is going under a very good treatment and I am completing my studies. My mother runs a hotel (Dhabha) Thanks to mam for her guidance and remedies, Thanks a lot again “Anima mam”

- Amarjeet Singh` -

I belong to Calcutta, after marriage we shifted Noida for our job. Life was not bad until one day we came to knew that my husband’s boss has put some awful allegation on him. The case became nasty. We didn’t have anything to prove us innocent in front of police and court. A very old client of Anima Mam, who was my office colleague told me to consult Anima mam. Mam thoroughly go through my husband’s horoscope, immediately she suggested him pooja and gems, within a month the case was false and my husband is innocent, police came to knew. Company immediately dismissed my husband’s boss and promoted to my husband. I don’t have words to thanks Mam for providing us new life, one thing which all I can say in words that my new life is yours given, “Anima Mam”

- Madhulika Saha` -

“Thank you for the informative, illuminating, direction-setting talk that was so clean and clear. You are amazing at what you do!”

- Pooja Sharma (Haryana)` -

“Once again, you were spot on in nailing my personality traits and behaviors. Your advice for the coming year is wise indeed and provides the motivation I so greatly need”.

- Sahil Arora (New Delhi) ` -

I found encouragement and inspiration to keep moving ahead with the help of your astrological analysis. You provided the push I needed to look beyond my door, to risk new adventures, and appreciate who I am. Thank you.

- Payal Sapra (Sonipat)` -

Thanks again so much for the wonderful reading and for helping me to see the way ahead a bit more clearly. It was really a pleasure to speak with you and get your feedback. I really value your amazing insights!

- Manorama Gairola (Chennai)` -

I love talking to you. Your website is awesome, your monthly Skywatch is phenomenal – every month I can’t wait for you to write it. I jump right on there and read it, it’s so accurate and I can relate to so much of it. That’s why I keep calling you, you help me so much.

- Vipin Raghuwanshi (Noida)` -

You are a light in my life. Your articles are interesting, informative, inspirational, intuitive, and I look forward each day for your latest brilliant analysis. I’m grateful that I found you online.

- Rajiv Singh (Amritsar) ` -

“Thanks so very much. Your readings ring true in me and the information you provide is very, very helpful. Thank you.”

- Suman Mishra (Bihar)` -

“Thank you for another wonderful astrology session. You always provide incredible insights and seem to be able to intuitively focus, precisely, on whatever one needs to know in the present moment. We will talk again soon.”

- Chetna Madaan (Amritsar)` -

“Thank you for the wonderful reading. You have a great gift. I was able to clearly understand the meanings of all that you explained and it helped me having an idea of how long this transition is going to be, which will help me to pace myself. I felt very empowered by your reading and am grateful.”

- Ramdas Verma (U.P.) ` -

“Our session was one of the most enlightening I’ve ever encountered re: astrology. Though I’ve had my chart done before, you provided insights that no one else has had. I feel like I’ve ‘gotten’ astrology in a new way. Thank you!”

- Laxmi Gairola (Chennai)` -

I am a regular reader of Anima Astrologer. As she predicted earlier that Mr. Narender Modi will be at red fort, we see it today. Her prediction power are supreme. I am highly obliged toward her.

- Pushker Gupta (Delhi)` -

I was suffering from financial crisis ,I wasn’t able to pay loan on home to the bank, then I got to know about Mrs. Anima Bhattacharya I consulted her, she suggested me some remedies and guide me to overcome crisis after that miracle happened all the issues with bank sorted out automatically bank themselves called me and they were ready for settlement ,now m very happy and things are going smooth ,m so thankful to her .

- Sunit Nijhawan (JAMMU)` -

My daughter was thirty four years old when I met Anima mam. She was depressed because she was not settled in her life as per marriage or as in career. She uses to look her friends and get irritated. Our family was getting stressed especially my husband. We went here and there but nothing worked. My last hope was Anima Mam. She saw her horoscope, suggested my daughter gems and assured me that she will get married before end of 2013.Today my daughter is married with a bank employee and well settled in Chennai. Really, I don’t have words to thank Anima mam.

- Mrinalini Som (KOLKATA) ` -

I was trying to clear my C.A. paper from last three years but I don’t know what was happening to me as I was not getting success though my efforts were 100%. My father told me to join his business now but it was not my dream. Then I consulted mam.With her proper guidance today I am a successful C.A. appointed in good company with a handsome package. The whole credit goes to Anima aunty. My full heart thanks to her.

- Rajesh Kakkar(AMRITSAR)` -

My married life was hell. I and my husband were almost separated. My 18 years old son consulted Mrs. Anima Bhattacharya. She gave him solutions and believe me; I don’t know how miracle happened. Suddenly, within a few days my husband came to me, he said let’s forget everything and start a new life. Today I, my husband and my son live together and I feel my husband much sensible. I feel that God and Anima ji always remains with me.

- Geeta Gomes (U.S.A)` -

being a mother, I was totally confused how to show my dancing talent. Thanks to Anima ji with her accurate prediction and gems, my career boomed and people recognized me in my own identity which seems to be impossible sometimes ago.

- Boogie woogie winner mummy’s championship -

I was misguided by many astrologers but as I consulted Mrs. Anima Bhattacharya ji, she provided me perfect gems and poojas. Today my career is rising day by day releasing new albums, playback in many T.V. serials and Films. My full heart thanks to Anima ji as she ended my struggling time of so many years and gave me success.

- Sa Re Ga Ma winner -

Being in Bollywood industry for so many years, nobody noticed me. I was frustrated but as I consulted Anima ji. I could say today everybody knows me. I am getting extreme success in my world tours as well as in play back singing.

- Uday Kumar (Play Back singer) ` -

I was struggling since 9 years, and no result were seeing from any side. And then i consulted Mrs. Anima ji, two years ago. She gave me perfect Solutions for my Life & Career, thanks to Mrs. Anima Ji.

- Nidhi Walia – Amstardam (Event Organiser) ` -

I was struggling for so many years, new students of guru ji were sparkling in front of me but I was getting down since last few years. But no wonder as Anima ji guided me through every perfect gems, poojas, numerics and color. Today I am a renowned teacher at Chicago, successfully running many kathak schools, also performing stage shows all over world. Highly obliged to Mrs. Anima Bhattacharya Ji.

- Kiriti Chopra (Kathak Dancer) – Chicago` -

I was very weak in studies, lots of failure & Bad luck. Since i consulted Mrs. Anima Ji, my life is totally changed. Thanks Anima Ji for supporting me to step up in this position.

- Rakesh Malhotra – Edelade, Australia (Student Of H.M.)` -

Lots of Failure & Bad responses made me a weak man, Mrs. Anima ji helped me to come out from that situation. Whatever i say about Anima ji is less for her. She gave me perfect solutions for my problems.

- Karan Sharma – Dubai (M.D. of Admire Group)` -

Lots of Ups & Downs in business made me a weak person from mind and health. Mrs. Anima Ji took me out from that position. I heartfuly thanks to Anima Ji.

- Rajeev Chopra – Paris, France (Businessman)` -

I was disturbed from my marriage life, extortion from my husband side took me near to the position of a mental patient. Anima Ji supported and suggested me to handle my life in a smooth direction and what to do in Life. I will never forget that Anima ji has done this for me.

- Minali Singh – Toronto, Canada (Boutique owner & House Wife)` -

I was tensed from my studies, i tried many times but no success comes out. Anima ji suggested me perfect gems and mantras, with best result.

- Aparna Chopra – London, U.K. (MBA Student)` -

being from a small town it was my dream to settle in a metropolitan city. But failure become my friend, Now i am in a reputted company on a higher post. All thanks goes to Anima ji.

- Akhilesh Tiwari` -

I was having some problems in becoming mother after my marriage, I was consulted by many experts and did treatment from USA (IVF treatment), Then i consulted Mrs. Anima Ji (year 2006) after that my life’s gone totaly changed. After one year God blessed me with twinces. I am highly obliged to Anima Ji.

- Ranjana Sehgal – Gaziabad` -

My married life was hell due to extortion from my husband. I always think to commit suicide, but when i consulted Anima ji she gave me perfect suggestions and consultation about my marriage life. Now my life is smoothly runing, due to Anima Ji.

- Mamta Sharma – Mumbai` -

I was 32 and single, i was getting depressd day by day but then i came to know about Mrs. Anima ji and i contacted her. She gave me consultation in this problem and i got married soon. Thanks to anima ji for giving me right mantras and gems.

- Suparna Das Gupta – Kolkata` -

My husband’s business was totaly failure, he has a medicine factory. During this situation he decided to suicide, but suddenly he met Mrs. Anima ji, she gave us some solutions and they worked. Suddenly every problem was gone. Now my husband is doing Plywood business, and our life is 99% stable now. Thanks to Anima ji with great respect and regards.

- Laxmi Krishna Murti – Vishakhapatnam` -

My husband was facing health problems from some time and on sudden notice he got the news of his transfer at office. We are very tensed and then we consulted Anima ji, she gave us right gems and mantras to reduce our negativity. Now we are very good settled in one place.

- Punam Mehra – Gujrat(Bhuj)` -

I am very high qualified but didn’t found any job. After consulting Anima ji, my life is well settled. Now i am married and have a great job. Thank you Anima ji.

- Jasmin – Pune` -

I am a bank manager, i got suspected for wrong eligations at work that affected my job and it could be gone. But when I consulted Anima ji, after that i was free from the eligations and got my pride back.

- Usha Trivedi – Jaipur` -

I am a property dealer. I always wanted to be blessed with a baby boy, I spended lots of money on many astrologers. After 11 years GOD blessed me with a baby boy, that all happend with the consulation and suggestions of Anima Ji.

- Dinesh Malhotra – Chandigarh ` -

I was tensed as i was facing many problems, my father expired and i was out of job after having so much of experience. But after i met Anima ji, my all problems gone simultaneously.

- Sushil Sinha – Gauhati` -

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