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What is Shradh – Basics To Know About

India is a land of many religions and traditions. Just like gods and deities are worshipped by Hindus, there are ways in which the souls of lost loved ones are served as per traditional values. In Hinduism, Shradh ceremony is performed by the family members of those people who have left this world stage. While there are several different ways in which people serve the Brahmins with food and other stuff, the basis and origin is same.

Why Shradh is done for Lost Loved Ones

This tradition has its essence well covered in the Garuda Purana followed by Hindus. It says that a soul that has lost a body will start traveling to the Court of God with Yama after thirteen days of death. With Shardh or Tarpan done by the siblings or the family, it is believed that the souls will be given food and water on their way to the God. This is the reason why people consider it important to be done especially in the first year of death.

It is believed that Shrad ceremonies performed in Ashwin Pitra Paksha will help the lost souls to rest in peace after death. Not only this, such ceremonies are also believed to cleanse the sinful deeds done by the dead person. As per Hindu mythologies, such ceremonies are essential for the lost souls to stop wandering on the earth and harm their own families.

When You Should Perform Shradh

Brahmins believe Shradh should never be performed in the Shulapaksha, in the night time or on the day of birthdays of any family member. The related ceremonies of rituals and offerings are best done in the day time as per the Hindu traditional values. Having the knowledge about such things prevents humans from committing religious mistakes.

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